Forest Bathing: A Walk in the Park?

Our friends and collaborators, Vincent Truter from Forest Therapy Africa,  and Claire Janisch from BiomimicrySA recently had their work profiled in a feature article with Daily Maverick Life.  The article, Forest Bathing is no walk in the park, outlines how Truter became  interested in Shinrin Yoku , its increasingly popularity and innovative biomimicry-inspired angles they are taking in South Africa to support its relevance and uptake here. 

An extract from the article:

Speaking about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Truter said: “A veil has been lifted on what we tacitly understood was a world that was 100% ordered and organised, in which we could not be caught off guard. We have realised that the systems that we find ourselves in are far more fragile than we had ever imagined and that is scary.” 

A positive spinoff of the existential crisis that so many people find themselves in, according to Truter, is that people are beginning to comprehend that modern life has dislocated us from the natural world and we need to find new ways of connecting and new ways of being. “The pendulum is swinging; it’s a perfect storm at the moment,” said Truter, who has more interest in his Shinrin-Yoku retreats than ever before. 

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