This is Masiyembo

Health and wellbeing is going outdoors. 

We look forward to meeting you there. 

The Masiyembo Association is committed to providing more:

1. Experiences for all South Africans to find meaning, connection and wellbeing through nature. 

2. Members with a supportive network that enhances the quality and exposure of experiences they provide. 

3. Resources and training on the importance of outdoor therapeutic interventions for healthcare and psycho-social wellbeing. 

Together we are rediscovering the power of nature to support health outcomes during difficult times.

And now it is needed more than ever...



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We believe in authentic engagement with our surrounds. We believe in slowing down and opening up to sensory-rich meaningful experiences. We believe in learning with nature, not just about nature. We believe in being…present to life.

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We cultivate immersive experiences that allow us to fully feel and creatively express our relationship with earth. We seek out those ineffable moments that remind us we are truly alive and part of all that is. We understand that connectedness matters.

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We are a diverse group of professional nature guides, seasoned facilitators and artists doing things differently. We are committed to utilising our cumulative experience to help reawaken people's curiosity for earth and spark for life. 

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We are bonded by a commitment to the health and wellbeing of all life on earth. We are motivated by a genuine desire to share our collective passion and wisdom with you, all South Africans, and the world.

Essential Service

An Essential Service

Nature is vital to our health and wellbeing.

Our connectedness with nature is a proven pathway toward building greater resilience, immunity and all-round wellbeing. Connection also supports social cohesion and altruistic behaviours. This is validated by science and verified by collective personal experiences. 

The Masiyembo Association is committed to supporting COVID-19 resilience by ensuring that nature again becomes a meaningful part of a healthy lifestyle, for individuals and their communities. 

Help us ensure that more South Africans experience the therapeutic benefits of nature contact and connection.


How can Nature help during COVID-19?



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If health and wellbeing matters to you, then join us.

Participate in an outing. Delve into a journey. Awaken your connection.

Access the Official South African COVID-19 Corona Virus Resource Portal
Read how the Masiyembo Association is supporting societal wellbeing during COVID-19

The Masiyembo Association acknowledges that we meet, work, and play in this remarkable country known as South Africa, which has been inhabited by peoples of various cultural backgrounds for thousands of generations. We are grateful to all the caretakers and Elders past and present for their tending of this land, its waters, wildlife and cultures.

We honour all non-human life and seek to live in respectful and harmonious relationship with them. 

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