Masiyembo Experiences

We offer immersive walks, trails and sensory-rich journeys across diverse Southern African landscapes

Our aim is to awaken. To awaken the senses, awaken curiosity, and awaken a deeper sense of meaning. Ultimately, we hope that experiences shared through the Masiyembo Association will reawaken our connectedness and kinship with life.

Our offerings are diverse and immersive: from fynbos to forest, and from coast to karoo. Experiences may be guided tours, short walks, overnight camps or multi-day hikes. They include slower meditative meanders, sensory sits, learning immersions and creative arts, and extend to self-drive sojourns and remote wilderness trails. 

All support wellness and rewilding from within.



1 Day

WILDWAYS is a Nature Connection and Awareness programme based on the acclaimed 8Shields approach and teachings of the Wilderness Awareness School.

This Youth Day programme has been designed for...

Wild Nights Out

Wild Nights Out

7 - 13 December 2022

After completing final Matric exams, we invite school-leavers to join us in the Cederberg Mountains for 6 nights and 7 days to walk into the unknown of the mountains for a week  - an apt...

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