Jess Tyrrell

Jess is dedicated to promoting and supporting people's formation of an ecological identity - the sense of belonging to a larger more-than-human world - where 'environmentalism' is much more than just a set of practices but rather a way of being. She is a licenced clinical social worker and psychotherapist, has an interdisciplinary Masters in Environmental Humanities through the University of Cape Town and over 22 years’ experience in working with immersive wilderness programmes all over West and Southern Africa. She works with and consults for various organizations facilitating nature-based mentoring and nature connection, rites of passage and wilderness-based learning. She has led international expeditions with World Challenge, is a qualified off-trail mountain guide, white-water rafting guide and trails guide and has a passion for singing, playing guitar, traditional medicine and bushcraft.

Between running programmes and therapy sessions Jess teaches workshops on reconnecting to plants, traditional wisdom, medicinal foraging and bringing healing back into our own hands through relationship with the natural world. For more information on the next workshop, click here:

Honours degree in Social Work and Psychology


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