Jean-Francois Sobiecki

Jean-Francois Sobiecki is a South African born Ethnobotanist (medicinal plant researcher) and qualified nutritionist. Jean-Francois has a passion to share this knowledge of African medicinal plants, and has a vision to bridge and bring together different cultures and healers from around the world for healing.

Jean-Francois calls his work Phyto (="plants" in Greek) Alchemy which is about helping teach and guide people to heal themselves using natural medicine and reconnecting to nature. The knowledge Jean-Francois shares on his Phytoalchemy Tours is not ordinary text book knowledge but experiential knowledge he has gained from working with traditional medicine healers from India, Peru, Mauritius and South Africa and in a private natural medicine practice for over 15 years. 

Jean-Francois' calling is to teach people about the interconnectivity of people, plants and life and how we can use plants and other natural medicines to help us heal and transform our lives. People who want an extraordinary, stimulating and interesting tour that integrates many different subjects and is Whole-istic should definitely attend one of Jean-Francois' unique ethnobotany tours. 

Jean-Francois offers herbalism and medicinal plants courses to the public online; you can see his website for more on these.


B.Sc. Hons. Ethnobotany. (Univeristy of Johannesburg)

Dipl. Clinical Nutrition (Aus)

Phytoalchemy Tours

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