Bukelwa Sigila

Bukelwa Sigila hails from the hills and valleys of the Eastern Cape, near a town called Alice. She has a passion for her cultural roots and a commitment to caring for people and their wellbeing, especially through wild places.

Bukelwa is a co-facilitator of wilderness passages ('Vision Quests') and a guide for therapeutic and reconciliation processes in nature.

She is an accredited social worker currently active with Volunteer Spiritual Care & Support counselling for the Department of Health in the Western Cape and is Chairperson of the Management Committee of the Wynberg Haven Night Shelter.

Bukelwa is also a practicing traditional healer (sangoma / izinyanya) in accordance with her rich Xhosa cultural tradition. 

- Accredited Social Worker

- Facilitator Skills Training with RBA Associates

- Traditional Healer (Sangoma / Izinyanya)


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