Ancia Cornelius

Ancia is an artist, ethnobotanist and miniaturist. She is fascinated by tiny things, both in association with people and nature, and how these small, seemingly insignificant things can bring us joy and fulfilment.

She has a background in Botany and started her career at Living Lands, an NGO that focuses its work on building resilience within rural social-ecological systems. Here, she spent a lot of time with people in the landscape, building an understanding of the social history as well as the current challenges, opportunities and social dynamics in rural South Africa. She is curious about people and it is her passion to listen to and explore the underlying aspects that shape our relationship with nature.

She is currently doing her PhD in Ethnobotany, where she explores the story of Cape Herbal Medicine and how it has evolved to serve an intricate and sophisticated relationship between humans and plants.

She also enjoys capturing her experiences of this world in the form of miniature artworks. To see some of her art, you can follow her on Instagram @fynbos.tinyartworks.

MSc Social-Ecology

Theory U: Presencing foundation Program

Captain Scott Medal for MSc Botany

Contribution to published papers: Garden ecosystem services of Sub-Saharan Africa and the role of health clinic gardens as social-ecological systems (2018); Relational Hubs for Collaborative Landscape Stewardship (2019); Collaborative stewardship in multifunctional landscapes: toward relational, pluralistic approaches (2019)

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