Wellness Walks

This meditative meander awakens the senses and amplifies the wellbeing benefits of nature. Based on both the latest scientific evidence and ancient practices, this walk introduces some of the core practices or 'nature nudges' (‘hacks’) that help us to enhance our everyday experience of nature for more durable health, wellbeing and resilience in tumultuous times. This style of engagement with nature has been shown to support mood, focus, immune support, psycho-social health, among many other outcomes.  

Because here's the thing: It's not just about contact with nature; it's the nature of the contact that matters.  

It's about moments, not minutes. And much of this comes to down "the noticing" - how and what we pay attention to. 

For more information and related experiences, check out Matthew's be.wilder offerings.




Available on request


Please arrive at least 10min beforehand.


Plettenberg Bay / The Crags / Nature's Valley


Suggested Donation: R150 per person

But please contribute according to means and perceived value to you.  


Min. 2; Max 8

Attire / Gear

Comfortable warm clothing; something to sit on if ground is damp (e.g. jacket); natural insect repellent if mosquitoes (and the possibility of ticks) particularly bother you, or cover up.   

To maximise your and others’ experience, the use of cell phones or cameras during the activity is discouraged.

Easy / Moderate


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