Point of Human Origins: Deeper with Dr Nilssen

Building on the Point of Human Origins experience, this is a rare opportunity to visit the famous Middle Stone Age archaeological site in the company of the archaeologist who made the discovery in 1997. Dr. Nilssen introduced the sites to scientific research which then began in 2000 under his and Dr Curtis Marean's directorship.

The full tour is divided into two parts:

1.  An introductory, thought provoking PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Nilssen that will take you on a journey into pre-history where you learn about human nature and behavior, ancient environments, sea levels, food sources, cave formation processes, stone tool technology, and how our earliest ancestors managed to survive a near extinction event through their connection with and reliance on nature.

2. Scenic visit to the caves at Pinnacle Point in the company of Dr Nilssen. The only access to Cave 13B is via a series of steep wooden stairways and boardwalks (some 200 stairs in each direction). The climb back up can be taxing unless you’re mildly fit.

The full tour is usually between 3-4 hours in duration while the cave visit is usually 2 hours

Please note that ALL tours and cave visits by appointment only. The sites are not open to the public.



Walk and talk

Start Time

Full tour – 3 to 4 hours


Pinnacle Point Estate, Mossel Bay


Full tour – R450 per person – minimum 8 pax

Private full tour - R3600



Preferred maximum of 12 pax, but can handle larger groups up to 100 pax


Various in and around Mossel Bay

Fitness Level


Attire / Gear

Walking shoes, hat, water, sunblock

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Point of Human Origins

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